Salvano Vini

  • The origins of the Salvano cellars date back to shortly after the mid-1900s. At that time viticulture was not the only activity of the farm and in fact wheat, potatoes and hazelnuts were grown. However, the beginning of the transformation of grapes into wine suitable for sale and trade can be established in the 1960s. Angelo Salvano begins the production of wines in the "Grillo" farmhouse among the vineyards of Diano d'Alba, in the heart of the Langhe.
  • Its products, the result of the hard work in the vineyards and the dedication to a hard and rich land at the same time, are starting to be known by many. Immediately after the war, the iron will of his son Saverio allowed him to expand the cellar and move to Valle Talloria. From here begins the bottling of the wine, previously only sold and distributed in small barrels and demijohns. The Salvano name becomes synonymous with quality wines, gaining success throughout the North of Italy.