Lifestyle Program

 Lifestyle / Private Members Club  

The Aroma of wine Lifestyle program is designed to exceed the expectations of our distinguished customers by leveraging their unique lifestyles through a private membership and Wine Loyalty Program. We allow our current customers to explore diverse options of:

ü  Earn 3 points for every dollar you spend on a bottle of Wine

ü  A membership where redeeming total points earns additional experiences like blending sessions, Wine, and food pairings. 

ü  A free to enroll program where referring members and joining the private club earns you bonuses.

ü  Bonuses and redeemed points provide access to diverse on-site experiences, private wine tasting, and wine accessories. 


Cellar Program

Customized cellar program, offering private wine tasting experience. The Cellar will be temperature and humidity controlled to ensure your Wine is tended in perfect condition, waiting for you to open and enjoy the Aroma of Fineness.  Please call us to discuss options and availability. 

Membership Programs

We have incorporated a cellar program to access many exclusive deals for private members, current and prospecting wine lovers. Imagine how much of your taste buds there is to inspire when allowed to sample our exclusive deals. The cellar membership program is a baseline for this chance accessible through one of these élite deals:

*     Private members-only club, offering a unique cellar program and executive wine tasting rooms

*     The Platinum Member Program offers a unique bundle of benefits centered around creating an exceptional wine lovers' lifestyle program. 

o   Wine cellar to hold 500 bottles

o   Preferential use of the executive tasting rooms, offering a private setting to enjoy fine wine with friends and family.

*     The Gold Member Program offers a chance to quickly find the Wine you like and wines that taste alike. 

o   Wine cellar to hold 250 bottles 

o   Access to executive tasting rooms based upon availability.  

*     The Silver Member Program where you feel in control of your tastes and can match them with your desired wines provided from the wide selection provided on the website. 

o   Wine cellar to hold 100 bottles

o   Access to Executive tasting rooms based on availability and a booking fee.