Supply Chain

Supply Chain Program

We pride ourselves on delivering quality fine wines through operational excellence and innovative supply chain programs. The goal is to create an environment for wine lovers, to meet with friends and enjoy the fine wines they love. As such, we abide by a philosophy encompassing high values in the international supply chain network. 

*     All fine Wine is transported in temperature-controlled containers

*     We use a digital work order system as a selective technology to encourage team effectiveness in their designated work areas. Operational efficiency is directed to save money and time using mobile services for capturing production data and pushing production software notifications. 

*     Aroma of Wine Supply Chain Program is structured to ensure your fine Wine arrives in perfect condition every time.


*     Sea shipments every three months.

*     Airfreight weekly flights from London to Singapore.

North America

*     Sea shipments every four months

*     Airfreight weekly flights from Chile and the USA  


*     Sea shipments every two months

*     Air Freight weekly flights from Adelaide and Perth.