Mark Herold

  • For those that know him, Mark Herold is a larger than life, exuberant person who lives with gusto and possesses a depth of interest and lust for life that is contagious to those around him. His wines embody that same spirit!
  • Mark Herold’s first personal wine project, Merus, was a labor of love. For many years this wine was made in his home garage in downtown Napa and focused on premium Cabernet Sauvignon. Eventually his luxury brand was sold and because of a non-compete agreement, Mark was unable to make a Cabernet under his name for a period of time.
  • This did not deter Mark from embarking on a new adventure of producing non-Cabernet wines. His inspiration came from the great wines of France and Spain which influenced his palate and his personal wine collection over the years. Mark ventured to the pioneering grape growing regions of Lodi, Mendocino and Lake County even going so far as to bring budwood from Pingus in Ribera del Duero and planting that Tempranillo here in California. Mark’s quest was to produce incredible blended wines that possess amazing character; wines that would please the everyday Cabernet drinker. 
  • Never venturing far from his first muse, Cabernet Sauvignon, Mark began making Cab again in 2010 and this continues to be the focus of his portfolio. Immediately out of the gate, the wines garnered amazing press. Having maintained his vineyard relationships from the Merus days, Mark quickly went to work with top quality growers in Coombsville, Atlas Peak and Oakville. Herold Cabernets express the terroir and character of their appellations and their vineyard sites.