Domaine Jaeger-Defaix


In October 2002, Hélène Jaeger-Defaix took over her first vineyard in Rully 1er cru Mont-Palais white (South Burgundy) from her great-aunt Henriette Niepce.

This plot is a part of a wine-farm entirely situated in Rully 1er cru white and red that Hélène was wishing to manage entirely in the future in order to carry on the viticultural tradition of the Niepce family, vine growers since the 16th century.

Henri Niepce, the great-grandfather of Hélène, is one of the great figures of Rully. He enormously contributed in the 30’s for Rully to obtain the AOC (appellation d’origine contrôlée) and then to build its fame.

Located in Côte Chalonnaise in the south of Côte de Beaune, Rully is a vineyard of 330 ha (220 ha white, 110 ha red) amongst which only 100 ha are classified as 1st crus.

In November 2003, Hélène took over a second plot situated on Rully 1er cru Préaux red. We have carried out our first harvest there in 2004.

Since the beginning of 2005, we are managing entirely the estate. It means 4,50 ha on the most prestigious first cru of Rully. An AC Rully red has been added to this assortment since the vintage 2011.