Cabernet Sauvignon


Chocolate, vanilla, black currant, cedar, pepper and high tannins


Cabernet Sauvignon is the jet setter of grapes. It travels all over the world, but being a late bloomer, it thrives in warm climates. When it matures, it is famous for intensity and depth of taste, balanced with a solid acidity due to the gentle ripening.
The tiny, thick-skinned grape is packed with flavour, dark blue colour and tannins. Grown all over the world, the flavours vary. In France, it is often blended with the softer Merlot or the cooler Cabernet Franc, and is usually a bit higher in acidity.
In the southern spheres, such as Chile and California, it is delicious on its own, and is known to be a tad fruitier. Generally speaking Cabernet Sauvignon is medium to full-bodied with dark fruit flavours and savoury tastes.
The wines are often high in tannins, which is why it pairs well with heartier food